Connect Pro uses samples as its primary sound source, although you can also add synth oscillators too.

You can browse and add samples from the Noiiz sample library right from inside the plugin, or you can load samples stored locally.

Using samples on Noiiz

You can browse samples from the Noiiz library inside Connect Pro, as long as you are connected to the internet. You can play loops in key and in sync with your music, then either drag them on to an audio track in your music software program, or open in Connect for further processing.

Browsing on Noiiz

Browsing On Noiiz.gif

To load a sample from Noiiz…

  1. Choose a layer/slice/channel by selecting a coloured pad at the top
  2. Select the Sample tab
  3. Click the looking glass icon to open the browser
  4. Choose a folder under ‘Noiiz Samples’ or ‘My Samples’ to access sounds stored in the Noiiz Cloud
  5. Use tools such as ‘Find Similar’, ‘Add to Folder’ and ‘Favourite’
  6. Clicking once on a sample in the list initiates playback (playback uses a smaller, lower quality file)